Party Tent AIR

I'm inflatable!

Bringing you the latest concept in party tent design - the inflatable party tent.

Available in three popular sizes:
4 x 4 metre
4 x 6 metre
4 x 8 metre


Available Colours:

Cream White

Gone are those difficult to handle steel poles, replaced by an extremely strong inflatable frame making set up and take down so simple. No more struggling with the frame and trying to find the correct pole, the AirFrame is already attached to the Party Tent AIR for simple, one step set up. The individual poles are linked together so that you can pump at just one single point and inflate the entire structure. The rigid AirFrame creates an exceptionally strong construction, probably stronger that a steel frame. It can be inflated using the supplied high volume manual pump or, for the ultimate in ease, an optional electric pump.


What's the set up procedure?

It's never been easier, just follow these simple steps:

  1. Lay out the tent and peg down the four corners.
  2. Attach the pump to the inflation point and pump until inflated. The pump is designed for the high volume and high pressure.
  3. Inflate and insert the lateral side poles.
  4. Peg down the intermediate pegging points and attach and peg down the storm tie down straps.

That's it! The easiest party tent ever.

Other advantages

As well as being the easiest party tent to set up, it's also the easiest to take down.

The Party Tent AIR is much lighter than those with conventional steel poles.

The tent packs down into a more compact size and with no steel poles the pack size is much shorter. A 4 x 6 metre tent will fit into the boot of a medium sized hatchback.

Each tent comes complete with a strong oversized carry bag.

The AirFrame is always attached, you're never going to forget or lose your poles.

Whilst the AirFrame is very rigid it can flex in the wind meaning that you'll never break or bend a pole.


Three sizes available

The Party Tent AIR is available in three popular sizes: 4 x 4 metre, 4 x 6 metre and 4 x 8 metre.

Key Features

  • Inflatable - external inflation points
  • Heavy-duty commercial quality PE material
  • Fire rated to BS 7837
  • Secure for all seasons
  • Roll-up side panels
  • Roll-up end panels
  • Complete with high-pressure pump with gauge
  • Storm tie-down kits supplied
  • Complete with carry bag, pegs and instructions



  • 220g PE commercial quality roof walls
  • Fire resistant and UV protected
  • Fire rated to BS 7837
  • Taped seams to prevent leaing
  • Crystal clear windows


  • AirFrame, 12cm diameter AirPoles


  • Overall height: 310cm
  • Eave height: 205cm


Party Tent Polyethylene Fire Test BS7837

Party Tent PVC Window Fire Test BS7837

Optional Extras